Problems returning to main menu

Oct 19, 2015

This problem feels a little hard to describe, but heregoes:

1. For most of the presentation, the learners work off a main menu to access various categories

2. When they click the last item on the main menu, a submenu appears.  When they are done going through the items on this menu, they are supposed to be returned to the main menu, click on a Complete Module button, and go to the exit slides.  In fact, you can see the Complete Module button peeking out from beneath the submenu.

3. Instead, after they finish with the submenu, they are taken to what seems to be *another version* of the main menu, with a red x in the upper right hand corner.

4. When I click the red x to close this, the *real* main menu is revealed again, only now that Complete Module button is not there.

If anyone has *any* idea what might be going on, I would appreciate the feedback.  The slide properties on the main menu are set to Resume Saved State.

Thank you,



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