Problems when lesson played back on iPad

I am having issues with the attached lesson, mostly when it is played on an iPad.  I am NOT using the Articulate player because I am using javascript in my (real) lesson.  I have tested in both Chrome and Safari, with similar results.

First slide – fill in answers, and submit.  The submit shows a 'Check' layer, which provides the correct responses for each of the data entry fields.  The correct responses have an initial state of 'selected'.  The 'selected' state is simply a semi transparent yellow rectangle that highlights their incorrect responses.  When the learner clicks on the 'selected' state, it switches to normal, displaying the correct answer.  If they entered the correct answer, a layer trigger changes the state to 'hidden', so they simply see their correct response. 

On the iPad, the layer trigger that changes the state to 'hidden' is not working, so it appears as if every answer is incorrect.

Drag and Drop – on the first attempt, the drag objects change state as expected (drop incorrect state).  On subsequent attempts, I would expect the state to go back to Normal as soon as the drag object is moved.  However, the state is reset ONLY IF the objects are dragged from a drop target.  (not if it snaps back to the original location when another object is dropped on to the target)

In mobile browsers, these states do not reset to normal at all.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Terry,

I've played around with this for a bit, and I'm not sure I've figured out the I've submitted a support case for you (# 00350952)

Also, I noticed that the math for 123+ 123 was set to equal 444? Wouldn't it be 246? For a bit I couldn't figure out why that was telling me I was incorrect! 

Dane Boyington

This might be similar to a problem that I have seen - I don't think you can rely on triggers in a feedback layer that work on "when timeline starts". I think it takes too long for the browser to process these on an iPad in HTML5 output, so that the layer may be dismissed before the triggers are run. I my experience it simply depends on how long that layer is displayed.

See this post:

So I use a different "when" for triggers on feedback layers.

Terry Bell

Thanks for all the feedback.  Dane - your answer was on the money!!!   Thanks so much for your information!

Ashley -  The problem with the modified version is that the learner can click on a correct answer, and it turns yellow as if it was incorrect. Also, I think I originally had 123+321=444, lol.  I'll just claim that I wanted to guarantee at least one response was incorrect so you would see the results.  That's my story and I'm sticking to it.  =D

Have a great day, I know I will now!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Karl and welcome to Heroes!

This thread is a bit older - so I'd want to know more about your set up and how you're viewing the course:

There are some general limitations of mobile safari and HTML5 content as described here.