Problems with captions in multiple language courses

Dec 19, 2019

Hello all,

I have "multi-language" courses, which are courses that have one video copied several times, in several different scenes, each scene corresponding to a different language, and each video in each scene having the corresponding captions for that language. These courses used to function fine, but now when previewing the full course, either before or after publishing, all the captions display as only one of the languages. However, if I preview each slide individually, then the correct captions display. I'm wondering if this has something to do with the most recent update.

If anyone else has experienced problems with courses that have multiple videos and captions, let me know if you have found a solution!

Thank you.

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Raymond Guarnieri

Hi Katie,

Phil Raymundo reached out to me and was very helpful. So far, reverting to the version of Storyline preceding the most recent update ((November 19, 2019 3.34.20804.0) has fixed the problem described above. I'll provide an update once Phil reaches out to me with an update regarding whether it was just a bug or a problem in the logic, or whatever it may be.

Thank you!



I have the exact same problem with captions in multiple language courses, the corresponding captions just didn't show up. I am wondering if the issue has been fixed with version update as the problem occurred to me with Dec 19, 2019 ver3.35.21017.0 and 21 January version.

Would love to know if anybody have found a solution, thank you!