Publishing is causing video captions to change

Aug 11, 2021

Hello -

I have a Storyline file/course with a video captioned that is causing issues. My file has one main screen for language selection (6 languages - English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Russian, and Portuguese) and each language button on the main screen is connected to a scene which contains my course translated into that language. My course includes a video and I have captions on the video that are translated.  This means I have one course with 6 videos - all the same video but 5 with captions for their individual language (we did not caption the English - it's already done in the video).

When I publish this file for my LMS and upload it, one of the translated languages 'overwrites' all of the other languages captions - what was 5 languages is now all Korean.

Has anyone ever had this happen before? Are there settings that I should be adjusting in my captions that could affect this? Any thoughts on things to try that might fix this?

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