problems with Captivate simulations

Aug 14, 2012

I have created several Captivate simulations that include the learner having to do text inputs. I am having trouble getting them to work in Storyline. The click part of the simulations work with no problem but the text inputs work sometimes and not others. More often, they don't work. They work if I preview just the slide in Storyline but they stop working when I publish.

Any ideas?

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Judy Siegel

The files are being published to Flash 8. Each movie is only 2-3 minutes. The frame rate is 30. Filenames are fine. The files work fine in Captivate and run fine seperately as a stand alone Flash file. they also work fine in Storyline when previewing the slides. The problem is after the Storyline file is published. And in this case, sometimes they do work but mostly they don't.

Gerry Wasiluk

Can you try and publish in Flash 10 or greater?

Otherwise if you are stuck with Flash 8, you may need to do this via a local web object.

Create a folder with a web page in it with your Captivate simulation.  Make sure the page is named index.htm or index.html.  Then add it to your Storyline slide as a local web object, as explained here:

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