Problems with items from the base layer showing on other layers

Hi Everyone,

Can anyone help with this problem? I have a base slide with 5 layers. On each layer, including the base, and I have a question for the user to answer by clicking the correct hotspot. I've clicked the vision icon to indicated the objects from the base slide to hide on each layer. Once the user answers the question the hotspot trigger displays the correct/incorrect feedback according to the choice the user clicks.

For some reason, the 'incorrect' feedback from my base layer is showing when the 'incorrect' feedback from my second layer displays. Any ideas what may be causing this? The weird thing is it is only happening with the 2nd layer. I thought it was something on the layer at first, so I elimanated that layer, and directed the continue trigger to go to the 3rd layer (which is now 2nd), and the same problem occurs.

I've attached a screen shot of my settings.

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Bob Kaart

Hi Karel,

It's looking good so far. I've had a look at your story file, and it seems like once you're on layer 2, you could still click on elements on your baselayer(hotspots and what not).

Imagine if you're on layer 2, and you click on the "incorrect feedback hotspot" of your base layer, it would trigger that action rather than the wanted action on your layer 2. The fact that you make a layer on top of your base layer doesnt mean it completely blocks off the base layer, only the elements(textboxes, images, shapes etc) that you put on your layer would block off your base layer.

You could prevent the user from clicking on the base layer in several ways,

1) put a hotspot over the entire slide on your layer, blocking off the content whats underneath

2) tick the option "prevent user from clicking on the base layer" at the layer properties

I've attached an edited version of your story file, I hope this solves your problem. 

Bob Kaart

Hi, sorry for the confusion, i did option 2) for you. The little cog wheel next to your layer shows you your layer properties. You would have to do that for each layer that you want to apply that to.

If you want to do the hotspot solution, just make a hotspot on each layer just as big as your slide, and make sure its on the very bottom of your timeline, so that you can build elements on top of that hotspot.

#a nice little trick is to right click on that big hotspot(option 1) that you made, and to tick off " Show hand Cursor on hover". That way the user doesn't get a visual effect of the mouse changing when hovering over the hotspot. It's a nice way to block content off, that you dont want to user to be able to click on.