Problems with replacing/update already uploaded project in a folder with a specific url

Apr 22, 2022

Dear friends

I have a problem using Articulate Storyline 3. The thing is that I often need to update already exiting eLearning projects.

The project is uploaded in a specific folder with a specific url. The problem is that when users (that have been using the old version) tries to cache the new version, the browser somehow caches the old version and plays the old version of the elearning course.

I know that if you clear the browser caches it will solve the problem, but to ask the users to clear the browser caches every time there is an update, that is not an option. I will lose to many of my customers.

can anybody help?


Anders Rosgaard


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Erica Cookish

Several of us keep having this issue - Chrome and Storyline are NOT playing well lately. I cleared cache with hard reload in dev tools, and all time files/history, but we are not allowed to use incognito mode at my company. Is there some way to flush cached info somewhere ELSE in Chrome? We are an xAPI-only house these days, so the course remembers your progress, but that's okay, it's just the cached files. It may be related to xAPI, so if someone could help, that would be amazing. Not sure if I need to make a new discussion on it, or if someone will check this comment soon.