Problems with result slides

Aug 29, 2017


In my case the result slide works only for one section of quizes. In whole project I have a four quizes section, works only one, the first one.

Whole project is 80 slides, after 20 slides are quiz section, in case of good test result press the button (configured) and you are forwarded to 21st slide, in case of failure, the retry button is configured to reach 1st slide to repeat the section, in this case the results are refreshed and everything works fine. Continue on slide 21 and after slide 40 is second quiz, in case of good result you are forwarded to slide 41, in case of failure you are press adjusted trigger button retry quiz and you reach slide 21st. Read again second section on project to reach the second quiz section. In quiz section I can`t choose the answers. In this place I am got stuck. And the same issue happen if I pas the second section with good result in sand failed in third section of quiz. The same if failed in last quiz.

Probably there is wrong configured retry quiz button, but I checked them in all 4 quiz section and they are the same configured.

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