Problems with Variables

I have a story with six scenes. The first scene is an introduction, and then there are four main parts to the story. After they have finished each main part, the user returns to the introduction. I have variables set to turn links to "visited" after the user has visited them. After the user goes to all four of the scenes (in any order), the variables are all switched to "visited," so the user should be rerouted to the sixth scene, a course evaluation. It's this last part I cannot get to work . The variables change to "visited," the states change, and everything else works, but the user is never rerouted to the evaluation. I've checked and rechecked the logic, and everything looks to be correct. Can someone tell me what I'm missing? If I need to upload a file, please let me know.

Kind regards...

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Michael Hinze

This was an issue with the SEQUENCE of some of your triggers. Remember, triggers are executed in order, top-to-bottom.

1. For each of the four buttons on slide 1.3, I moved the trigger that sets the variable to true BEFORE the trigger that then jumps to the specified slide. See here one example

 2. On the last slides in the four sections, I moved the conditional trigger that jumps to slide 6.1 BEFORE the trigger the jumps to 1.3. See here one example

I'd rather not try to upload this huge file with my edits, but if you do need the file that I revised let me know and I get it to you some other way. Hope that helps.

Rutwin Geuverink

Hi Nathanael,

I've fixed your project so it works the way you want it (see attached .story file)

(Initially I thought it had to to with the trigger sequence, but this wasn't the case. The main thing I have changed is setting the variable to true at the start of the timeline of each of the modules. Furthermore, the trigger to jump to the feedback scene can simply be inserted just once at the beginning of the main selection slide)

Take a look at how the triggers are organized so that it might help you in the future.

Kind regards,