Problems with variables when learner goes back to previous slide

Nov 18, 2013

The following information refers to the story file I have attached in this thread.

Throughout the course I am creating, I have setup variables and triggers to control how the learner navigates through the content.

Navigation through the menu has been restricted in player settings, so the learner can only go back and view content they have already viewed. They cant skip forward.

Some slides contain blocks of text that are gradually introduced to the learner by a fade animation. On these slides, I have setup the timeline so the content appears for a good few seconds. Once the timeline has ended, the variable HasTimelineEnded changes to ‘true’ to allow the learner to click next to continue. If the learner tries to click next and continue before the timeline has ended, a layer appears instructing them to read all content before continuing. This layer pauses the timeline.

Other slides contain key terms that must be viewed before the learner can click next and continue. These key terms change to the ‘visited’ state once clicked on. So if the learner wants to view them again, they need to click replay. However, they cannot replay the content unless they have already viewed all the key terms on the slide at least once. For these slides, I have setup a variable, AllElementsVisitedReplayPermitted If the learner tries to click next before they have viewed the required content, a layer appears instructing them to read all required content before continuing. This layer also pauses the timeline.

I have reset all required variables to false at the beginning of each new slide when the timeline starts, otherwise the triggers depending on them will never fire as the variables have been left at ‘true’.

The ideal behaviour I would like for when learners go back to a previous slide, is to have all content they have viewed remain at that state. The learner can then use the replay button to reset the states of the key terms, and then move on when ready.

However, this functionality is not working as expected.

Say the learner reads slide 1.1. they then move on to 1.2, but as they are reading 1.2 they decide to go back and read some more of 1.1

Because the variables have been reset to false when the timeline of 1.2 started, when the learner goes back to 1.1, the variables for 1.1 are false once again as well, and it’s as if the learner has never read 1.1 content before, even though they have. They can’t simply click next to continue now.

Furthermore, on slides that don’t have key terms, but simply have ‘next’ navigation ‘unlocked’ when the timeline ends, the variables reset back to false, but the timeline doesn’t reset as expected.

There may well be an easy fix for all this. Or perhaps you can suggest an alternative method of managing and using variables for my slides?

Thanks for all your help.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jacob, 

I'd suggest using a new variable for each slide ( a lot, I know) but since you want them to be able to navigate back and forth, and therefore need to reset the variable you've set up at the start of each slide, this behavior is as expected. You'll find directions here on how to disable the next button until all conditions are met, and that may give you more of the behavior you're looking for, as it's not tied to the timeline but the slide conditions. 

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