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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Helen,

Yes - thank you.

So those numbers are on the base slide - did you change any of the slide layer properties to hide elements on the base slide as described in this tutorial?

If not, and you're still having difficulty - could you share a copy of the .story file you're working on here with us? You can attach it using the paper clip icon.

Helen Howard

Hi Ashley,

I've now managed to get the process number boxes at the bottom of the screen to show up thanks to the tip on how to hide/show specific elements of the base layer.

There is one other thing that is still not working for me - if you click level 1 of this process diagram, I have added three boxes on the diagram that have buttons on them.  Each button is set as a trigger to display a new layer onto this existing page (either 'customer advances', 'accrued mgmt. recharges' or 'capex accruals'.  When you click on one button, the layer appears but the rest of the first layer of this level 1 disappears.

I have checked 'hide other layers' as I wanted just the one extra layer to appear on top of the layer 'what is happening' at a time. 

It should be like the Monica and Roland speech bubbles that appear when you hover over them on the tutorial that you shared - i.e. you only see Monica's on top of the existing layer when you hover over her and you only see Roland's on top of the existing layer when you hover over his.

Hopefully this makes sense!  I've attached the .story file.  It's slide 2.2 that is the problem.

Thanks again, Helen

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Helen,

Since layers sit on top of one another, if you choose to hide other slide layers - this is to be expected. You may want to add those additional elements from the "what is happening" layer to the "level 1" layer - you could copy and paste those elements from the "what is happening" layer to duplicate them onto the "level 1 layer". Or you could look at setting up the "what is happening" layer, and the other similar ones as their own slides - with the buttons to "jump to slide" instead of show layer - and then each of those slides could have the layers set up like "level 1".