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Dec 30, 2013

Does anyone have an example of a process document regarding the use of Storyline or building eLearning courses? Or even any example of a simple to follow process document?

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Dennis Hall

Hi Amy:

The overall learning development process does not need to change, and in-fact, I would not change it.

The process to follow is "still" the ADDIE or SAM or Other process.

Rather than try to reinvent the process, I recommend you stick with the solid cornerstones of learning development.

For me, I strive to continue to develop in PowerPoint and import the file(s) into Storyline.

While I have the SME create the content, I create the template in Storyline.

The specific area(s) of concern for me are only the limitations of the product I will import the PowerPoint file into (i.e. Captivate, Storyline, Lectora, Studio, etc...).

In the case of Storyline, there are limitations specifically in the area of animations. Knowing this, I ensure the PowerPoint does not contain animations outside those limitations.

Throughout the development process, I maintain the PowerPoint as the storyboard - Why?

PowerPoint is a product the whole team and the SME have 9and usually do not need to be trained on), so using a Storyboard template in PowerPoint allows me, the team, and the SME to continue to communicate and design effectively throughout the project.

Storyline can publish to Word, however, it is far less effective than PowerPoint since it is both static and places information out of context. So I keep using PowerPoint throughout the project.

When the PowerPoint is completed, I use it's built-in review process for final corrections and sign-off.

Once all is completed and signed-off in PowerPoint, I open my Storyline template file, then import the PowerPoint into the project.

The only thing left after that is to turn static question slides into Quiz questions using the convert to freeform function of storyline, add results slides, then touch up any content slides.

I then publish for web and have the SME review the product. The SME enters their comments in the PowerPoint as we still maintain it as the sole source storyboard.

Hope this helps.

Best Regards,

Dennis Hall

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