Programmatically determine if the timeline is paused (360)

Jun 02, 2019


Over the years, I have often heard of those fabled 'system' variables and so I was wondering if there is one that indicates if the timeline is paused. (Also, where can I find a complete list of those variables?)

I'm asking because Storyline apparently has no keyboard shortcut to pause the timeline (without excessive tabbing), so I want to implement it myself. I don't think there's a way to do that properly without knowing if the timeline is paused.


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David Schwartz

Hi Dominik,

Here's a way to do it. In the master slide, I just set a couple of triggers to pause or resume the timeline based on the user hitting the "X" key. Added a T/F variable to toggle every time the "X" key is hit, and made the pause and resume triggers conditional upon the state of the toggle variable.

Example here is an old screen with some narration (that is, excuse the non-existent visual design ;-))


Dominik Rosehnal

Hi David, thanks for your suggestion. I came up with a similar approach, although I did not know there's a trigger to toggle a variable. The problem I have with this solution is that if a user clicks the pause key and wants to unpause by pressing the hotkey, they'd have to press the key twice as far as I understand. This annoys me unreasonably much, so I'd prefer a better solution.

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