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Mar 28, 2013


I have created a menu screen that allows sections to be checked off as they are visited (I’ve created a simple example attached) and for the progress to be viewed, I’ve done this with adding a value when a slide is visited. My problem is...

I can't work out how to only allow the value to be added once per selection, in other words, if you visit section 7 10 times at present my progress bar increases to 100%.

Do I need to we work this completely differently?

Can it be done?


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Mike Enders

Hi Rachel,

A slight adjustment to your triggers will solve this.  

1. Tie your variable changes to clicking the menu button at the end of the section.

2. Add a condition to only increment the progress variable if the T/F variable for that section is equal to False.

3. Keep your trigger to change the variable to True, but tie this to the clicking of the menu button as well.

Here's a walk through:

Rachel Steele

Thank you both so much for your quick responses and for saving me hours of looking confused at my computer screen (all to common i'm afraid).

That is perfect i should beable to work that into my project.

Thanks and i hope one day i can start anwering rather than asking all the questions.

Have a great weekend.


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