How to change master slide image state when quiz question is entered correctly

Oct 02, 2022

I'm creating a progress bar on the master slide. Throughout the module, there are 15 quiz questions. When a quiz question is answered correctly, I want the progress bar to adjust.

I created 15 different States of the progress bar

I created a variable "ProgressBar" with a default value of 1

When a learner answers a question correctly on the first try, I want to adjust ProgressBar by a value of 1. 

But I can't do this because Storyline only allows you to adjust a variable to a specific value. I don't see an option to adjust the variable by +1.

Maybe I'm taking the wrong approach, please help. Thanks!

Masters slide


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Judy Nollet

The default way to adjust a variable is to set it to a given value. However, with number variables, if you click "Set" in the Trigger Wizard, you'll get a drop-down that lets you select a math operation (- * / +). So you could add 1 to your variable every time the user answers a question correctly.