Creating a progress bar is easy with the new slide numbers

May 22, 2019

Hi All,

I love having a progress bar in my Storyline courses.

Looking trough existing discussions this is mostly realized with variables and states. Not very complicated but a lot of work when creating 20 states and variables for it. These discussions have often a lot of replies, so I presume I'm not the only one who likes a simple progress bar.

I used the new built-in variables for page numbers and progress and created a progress bar, based on a slider.  It's easy to develop and easy to maintain and re-use.

Insert > Slider
Format your slider with Slider Tools > Format
Rename your variable under Slider Tools > Design (by default it is called slider#), I called it ProgressBar.

Add a trigger:
Adjust variable
= Assignment
Variable > Menu.Progress
When: Timeline starts (on slide)

An example is on the master slide in attached example.


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