Progress Bar

Aug 31, 2016

Hi all!

I have a general question about the Progress Bar. Is it possible to manipulate the PB? 

In my Scene the progress bar should reach the end only after every content on one page is shown. E.g. if a user clicks on something, then the bar should move a bit further, if he clicks on a second content, then a bit more further. When he clicks the last info, then the bar should reach the end. Like in a movie. The idea is that the user has a hint that there is still content to be shown on the page before going to the next one. There should always be a direct connection between the place where the progress bar reached and the amount of things to be done/shown in the page/simulation. Also, the progress bar should reach the end only when the next button becomes active. This means that the user has finished everything on that slide.

Is this possible at all?

Thank in advanced!


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Leslie McKerchie

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