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Chino Jose Navarro

Hello Kim,

That is an awesome question.
What came into mind right away is by utilizing triggers to add variables to the slider to make it move. 

So here is what I did:
1.) Inserted 1 slider and then accessed the slider properties to set its maximum number to 8
(I set it to 8, since I have only 4 things to accomplish and 8 is divisible by 4)

2.) I inserted 4 pictures
3.) Added a new layer just to display a back button
4.) I created a "click on" trigger on each picture to show my "back button" layer
5.) On the back button, I created an "adjust variable" trigger to add 2 to the slider.
(So whenever we click on the back button, it moves the slider by 2)
6.) I created a "hide layer" trigger on the back button.
(Remember to create the add trigger first before this hide trigger)

7.) The problem is, the slider can be toggled by students. So I inserted a rectangle and covered the whole slider.
8.) Right click on the rectangle and click on format shape and increase transparency to 100%

9.) As an added bonus, I created a new layer that just has a "100% Complete" message.
10.) On the base layer, I created a show layer trigger with a condition that if the slider variable is 8, show layer "100% Complete".

Attached is the test course I made, It's really just a simple course but I hope it shows how we can use the slider as a progress bar.  

I had real fun making it, if you have any other questions or clarifications just let me know.

Happy course making!