Progress bar for branching type course

Oct 31, 2019

I have been trying to create a custom progress bar using the new built-in variables in Storyline 360. I am having problems with the behavior of the progress bar as I have a scene which contains two paths and these paths cannot be displayed on the menu as they are under a main slide and need to remain hidden from the menu. I have attached a sample file to illustrate this setup.

Has anyone ever designed something similar before? I would love to hear your ideas and suggestions. Thank you!

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David Schwartz

Hi Nicole,

I looked at your module, and it looks like the progress bar is working as expected. I see that you have excluded a number of slides from being counted toward the progress variable. If the users are meant to go down all branches, I would include them. If not, then what you have seems to be fine. You can exclude slides from the menu and still include them in the progress count.

But I am not clear if I am seeing the real issue.


Nicole Sarmiento

Hi David, thanks for responding.

The users are meant to choose one branch only and the branches have an unequal number of slides which is the issue. I'm not sure how the progress bar can go through branch A with 2 slides or branch B with 3 slides and determine that the user has completed the section either way.

David Schwartz


As long as all the branches eventually end at the same slide (in the sample, slide 1.8 Conclusion), and you exclude the other slides within the branches from counting toward progress, the progress bar will work, of course with the issue that it will not advance when the user is within any of the branches until they get to the conclusion slide. 

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