Reactivating slide after using the menu

I have a screencast with hot spots, data entry fields and keyboard triggers. As there's no progress bar in Storyline that references the slide number, I use the menu which is positioned in the top bar on the left. When you click on the menu to view which slide number you're on and then exit the menu without clicking on a link, the slide becomes inactive. I have to add a trigger to the slide to reload it to make the hot spots, data entry fields and keyboard triggers active again. Is there another solution to this?

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Linda -- Thanks so much for reaching out here and sorry for your troubles! Apologies if I am not clear on what you are describing, but can you confirm that you have your slides properties set with the following:

  • Reset to initial state: Use this option if you want the slide to always reset to its initial state when learners return to it. It'll restart from the beginning of its timeline, and interactive objects will return to their initial states.

Or, perhaps you may want to share your file to help illustrate what you have in mind. 

Linda C

Hi Christie - sorry for the late reply. Yes I have Reset to initial state in the slide properties. The problems seems to be with keyboard presses. If I have a trigger on the slide such as: jump to next slide when the user presses the Enter key, the Enter key won't work if I've clicked on the menu link and the menu has dropped down and I've clicked anywhere on the slide to close it, without clicking on a link within the menu.