Progress indication in the menu

I am new to Storyline and have a question about tracking and progress indication.  I have searched the threads but would appreciate advice on implementing the following:

I would like to create a SCORM course that:

1. notifies the LMS that it is complete on the user completing all the topics and passing the quizzes in the course

2. provide visual indication to the user of which topics are complete in the menu

3. and ideally informs the user on exit which topics remain incomplete.

4.  works for both desktop and HTML5 (i.e. non-Flash mobile) devices.


I am not sure how best to implement this because as standard SL can use either topics complete or quiz passed to notify completion.


From my rudimentary understanding I can see how a trigger could be used to set a graphic or variable on a slide but I am not sure how this could be used to change how the topic is displayed (e.g. change colour or add a tick) in the menu.  Maybe this can be done with JavaScript.


Again not sure about this.

I currently use another product that does (1) and (2) very well but lacks many of the neat features of Storyline.



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Bruce Graham


Menu completion can be achieved with Variables, and setting states on menu items, (see image below).

Your users get a visual representation of what has been completed, and what has not.

1> Set up variables, e.g. "menu1completed", "menu2completed" - as True/False type, and make them false.

2> At the end of section 1, create a trigger that says "Set variable xxxx = true when user clicks the Next button", then also AFTER IT "Go to slide xx when user hits Next button". Repeat for each section.

3> On the Menu slide. Create a state for the button called "Complete", and add a tick or whatever.

4> On the menu slide add a trigger that says "Change State of <YourMenuImage> to Complete when timeline (of this slide) starts and menu1completed = True.

Each time you return to the menu, the state will "flip" from "normal to the "Complete" state.

If you want a .story file, please PM me, and will exchange over email, as have one I can share, but not publically yet.


Andrew Gould

Thanks Bruce, that would be most helpful.  I shall PM you

When I say Menu Slide what I mean is the player menu rather than a content slide (sorry for any confusion). I would like to provide a visual indicator in the player menu for each slide/topic so the user can quickly see the completion status of each slide rather than a section.

I have had a look at the options for variables and triggers and cannot see an option to do this, though I wonder if this can be done via Javascript.

Gerry Wasiluk

Your only option right now out-of-the-box, I believe, with the menu is changing the color of the text as the learner progresses and they visit a screen.

It'd be nice to have the option of something like checkmarks or X's in the menu instead.  That's something I've put in as a feature request.

Andrew Gould

Excellent! Thanks; that would have taken ages to find in the help

Hopefully a tick or something can be included in an update but this could work for now.

I shall experiment with this.  I also need to see what the best way is to have completion set on viewing all topics and passing all the quizzes, then I should be ready.

Andrew Gould

That was quick! Thanks - I'll submit that as a feature request.

Do you know if it is possible to customise the player template so that I can add a logo to the player backgound (not the sidebar)?

I ask because I want to have a template that will ideally work across desktop and mobile devices.  Currently it appears that the logo can only be added to the Sidebar.  I plan to move the menu to Topbar Right so it functions as a drop-down and therefore frees up the screen real estate with mobile devices in mind.  However it would be good to have the logo displayed on the template for branding.

Susan Grant

Hi Bruce,

Just wanted to thank you for your solution from May 2012. I had all of the right triggers in the correct places but I was missing the order which made thing work. 

Its a relief to stop struggling with this and also not having to ask my programmer friend for help... Appreciate your sharing.