Ideas for a "stops on the road" course menu/ progress meter

May 18, 2016

Hi, everyone: I'm creating a course on fleet safety (passenger vehicles), and I am playing around with ideas with a course menu/progress meter. I've got five basic topics, so I was thinking of doing a five-stops-along-a road menu/progress meter. (Storyline mock up attached.) Most likely, I would add an engine sound effect. 

A few questions, if you have time:

1. In my rough mockup, I'm using the zoom feature, which isn't perfect. Imagine the mockup were slick and there were some nice sound effects--would it be a passable menu/progress meter? Basically, I'm asking how bad it does or does not suck. 

2. Has anyone built something similar and better in Storyline or PPT, and can I please use it? (i.e., appropriate its utilization for heretofore mentioned asychronous elearning module)

Thanks. --Daniel


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