Prompt to resume does not work

Jun 07, 2017


Can anyone suggest why my prompt to resume does not work with my Storyline courses (html5), when viewed locally (it doens't work in the LMS either). This is with Chrome, IE, and Edge. I uploaded the course output to SCORM cloud and prompt to resume does work there.



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Alyssa Gomez

Hey there Meredith! Security restrictions on your computer can cause a few different problems when you try to view a published file locally, so we always recommend testing the course in the same environment where your learners will see it. Thanks for letting me know you already tested it on SCORM Cloud--you're one step ahead! 😊

Since SCORM Cloud is industry standard for LMS testing, it's good to know the resume feature is working there. That's valuable information to take to your LMS support team, and they'll be able to help with LMS-specific issues.

By the way, what LMS are you using? Maybe other folks in the community who use the same LMS can offer advice here. 

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