Prompt to Resume in HTML5

Aug 11, 2012

Update 1 seems have to resolved most of the issues my team has been experiencing with AICC communication in HTML5 not initializing properly on the iPad when a module is resumed from our LMS.

The only remaining issue we're seeing at this point is the following:

Even though we have the Player settings configured to Prompt to Resume, most of the time the learner is not prompted to resume when relaunching Storyline HTML5 modules from our LMS on an iPad. Please note that the When runing in LMS, ignore Flash cookies checkbox is checked.

Does anyone have a resolution for this?

Has anyone else experienced this?

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Stu Moriens

Hi Peter,

My team has submitted a case. The following are the details:

Case Number: 00290757 

Reference ID: ref:_00D30Txo._50040LX17k:ref 

Please note that my team has been working with the LMS communication JavaScript. We believe that we have resolved the issue. If we have, we will document and share with you. It appears the issue has to do with loading order/timing.

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