Protecting large amounts of text

We have a large amount of text we want to put on a screen maybe with a scrolling text box or as an external resource. However we'd like to keep it from being able to be selected and copied  and reproduced outside the course. Any ideas on the best way to present a good bit of text content and also protect it from being copied and reproduced outside the course?

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Whitney Lowe

Yes, I realize the Storyline content can't be copied and that's one of the main reasons I was wanting to do it in Storyline as opposed to making a pdf or something like that. The problem is I was trying to see if there was another way to do this instead of having a large amount of content in a scrolling text box. 

Matthew Bibby

If it's on the internet, it can be copied. I can take a screenshot of your text and use OCR to extract the content. I can dig around in the source code and get the text that way.

I find that when people try and protect their content, they end up making things worse for their learners. For example, a learner might like to copy a few paragraphs of information to add to their notes, in my opinion, this should be encouraged.

Walt Hamilton

I support both of Matthew's points. If a person can see it on their computer screen, it has already been saved on their hard drive. It is the only way the internet works.

Probably a large amount of text is the most effective method of discouraging anyone from wanting it and/or going to the trouble to get it. :)