Apr 11, 2022


I am trying to publish my project for web distribution but none of the resources I find on this E-Learning Heroes is helping me do that properly. Can you please share an accurate way of me to be able to share my project on the web. 


I do not see a Publish Successful window with different follow-up options, depending on which publishing format you chose. For example, when you publish a course for web distribution, you'll have options for viewing, emailing, uploading, zipping, and opening your published output.

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Jennifer Richardson


I did review you link however, still wasn't able to publish my Storyline lesson to HTML like I use to. In the past when I went to publish under WEB there was an option under Properties - Format - HMTL5 with flash fallback. Now that I updated articulate there is no longer that option. I included two pictures the one named HMTL_option_in SL is the old version of articulate and the other picture is my new version without the FORMAT / HTML option. Can you please show me how to publish in HTML like I use to? 

Thank you, 


Maria Costa-Stienstra

Hi, Jennifer.

Since Adobe discontinued Flash in December 2020, you can no longer publish in that format from Storyline, so when you choose "Web", it automatically publishes to HTML5. Take a look below for additional information:

Let me know if you have additional questions!