Publish several large storyline files as one course on CD

May 07, 2022

Hello all,

I have developed a course (latest Storyline 360, modern player, Windows 10, v20H2) that consists of 8 large storyline files, each with their own branching, narration, videos, software simulations, and software practices. The file size of all of the individual files added together exceeds 500MB.

My question: what is the best way to create the downloadable, CD version?

  1. Copy and paste each storyline file into one file, edit accordingly, and publish as CD.
  2. Or, start a new project and import each storyline file, edit accordingly, and then publish as CD? 
  3. Or, something else I don't know about?

I see when I did a test import of storyline files into a new project with just a few files, that I have to edit the menu heavily, correct branching navigation for each lesson, manage slide numbers, and so on.

Please advise! I am getting very worried... thank you!

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Walt Hamilton

For starters, #1 won't work. Your storyline file is a bunch of files all saved together under one name. It has to be read by Storyline, and cannot be pasted.

For these to be accessed by people without Storyline, they have to be published.  I think if I were doing it, I would publish each one individually. That may be the easiest way to put them on a CD without, as you say, a lot of extra work to get them all to fit together.  I would publish for the web, not a CD, and create an HTML file that would have links to each of them. The learners would see an internet page in their browser, and could select any portion of the course they want.