Publish to CD and Flash

Oct 16, 2020

Hello, with Flash being discontinued at the end of the year I'd just like to check something as I'm not technical.

Will downloading Articulate courses to a computer (i.e. the publish to CD option) still work ok without Flash?


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Patty,

Although Flash has been discontinued by Adobe, our tools still have the option to publish to Flash as folks transition. We'll be phasing that out in the coming months - but yes, in the meantime, you'll want to use the Modern player to ensure there isn't any Flash content if publishing to CD. 

Katie Riggio

Hello, w. That's a great question!

The modern player is exclusive to Storyline 360. You can open Storyline 360 project files that use the modern player in Storyline 3, but players will return to the classic style.

Let me know if any more questions pop up!