Publish to video issues anyone?

Sep 06, 2019

Hi again,

I've a project that works just fine in Review and html5, but when published to video has a couple of issues - not all audio plays (specifically a sfx 'pop'), and motion paths don't work.

I submitted a support ticket on the audio issue a couple of weeks ago and they've identified that it is a bug but I am still waiting, but wonder if anyone else has had this issue recently and if so, have you reported it to support for fixing.

I've several versions of this project to complete and getting quite antsy about the wait.

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Tessa Gaeth

Hi Jennifer, 

I'm experiencing the same issue I believe. When playing text to speech audio in review it's ok. But when published to LMS there is a particular slide that doesn't play the audio all the way through to the end of the timeline. The audio in the project plays fine and at times ends at the same point. Not sure if my issue is the same as yours, but wanted to chime in. 



Lauren Connelly

Hi Jennifer!

I saw that you spoke with Jopney, one of our Support Engineers. If you have any workarounds for the issue, while our QA team looks deeper, don't hesitate to share!

When publishing to video, there are a few objects that won't play as expected. You can find more information on that here.

We'll keep you posted in this discussion!

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