Published course NVDA reads "clickable graphic lesson topic bullet bullet bullet topic" ??

Jul 29, 2022

In a published Storyline course, using NVDA and Chrome (both in the browser and also in the 360 review tool), after going back to the top of the slide, NVDA says "clickable graphic lesson topic bullet bullet bullet topic bullet bullet bullet"  (refer to attached graphic). The key commands for the speech generated in the graphic were: load slide, down arrow to the back to top button (renamed "Top of slide"), activate the button, arrow down again. 

I've examined the slides, masters, focus order, etc., and there's nothing that would cause this. Any ideas?

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Jose Tansengco

Hi Karin, 

Thanks for the detailed information of the behavior you're encountering. Are you using the latest version of NVDA and Storyline 360 when publishing and testing your course?

If so, would you be willing to upload a copy of your project file here or in private by opening a support case so we can test the behavior? We'll delete your file as soon as we're done testing.  

Karin Carlson

Hi, Joe. I'm suspecting that it's not my slides, per se, but something in the way they're published. I'm attaching a video where I am using NVDA to navigate a slide, and I set it up so you can hear the settings. I hear the "graphic topic bullet bullet..." right after the "top" of the slide. This video is from a publish to HTML file. The same exact phenomenon occurs with JAWS.

It's also happening in the 360 "review" publish, but in that environment, you hear "multiplication symbol" also in a nearby object, leading me to believe that there's visibly-hidden structure in the player that's being revealed by the screen reader. 

I'll see if I can repro this in a smaller file that I can send to you. I have NDAs which prevent me from uploading the whole thing, even if it's private. This video doesn't disclose much so I think it's okay.

Chris Bobrick

I posted a similar comment in a Storyline thread this morning but realize it should have been posted about Rise. 

NVDA reads so much structural language rather than just the name of the button or element. For example, we have a Next button to be selected after the user completes a knowledge check. This is what NVDA reads: "Clickable lesson content main landmark storyline grouping knowledge check dash thinking through frames slide navigation landmark Next button."(Thinking Through is an abbreviated form of the knowledge check).

This happens on multiple objects throughout the course. This can't possibly be considered a good user experience. Is there something we're doing wrong? 

Adding to say that I have the most recent update for NVDA.

Jose Tansengco

Hi Chris, 

Sorry to hear that you ran into a similar situation. I wanted to share with you this article which details our journey to make Rise 360 accessible to learners: 

Since you're encountering behavior that could possible affect a courses accessibility, I went ahead and opened a support case for you. A member of our team will reach out to you shortly to troubleshoot the behavior!