Published files - but what do they do?

Sep 17, 2015

Hi Guys,

I'm sure someone has asked this previously however I could easily find it.

In a standard HTM5 published folder the output has a number of folders and files. What does each one do? Can I remove some?

mobile folder








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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Garry,

Yes, file names matter and we wouldn't recommend deleting any of the files in the published output folder. If you're going to have folks running it locally, I'd still look at publishing to CD and instead of the .exe file instruct them to use the story.html file to play it. The CD published output and the player is based on a Internet Explorer set up - so you'll want to make sure users have that browser installed and a Flash player on their system. 

Garry Hargreaves

HI Ash, Thank you. 

So you're recommending outputting to CD anyway (exe's are blocked) - ok got it.  Then I tell the managers (mainly newb users) just to use the story.html file, however if their file extensions are "turned off" (our default SOE - standard operating environment) the user gets the choice of two (2) story files to click (see the two story files below) ?  Yes I could explain in the instructions to look at the 'file types' or explain the file tiny icons or tell them to click on the bigger size story file..... (remember newb) See screen shot below.

However if SL outputted an "index.html file" (index.html - isn't this standard?) and the default story.swf - problem solved?

So I should rename the story.html to index.html and tell the users to click on the index file.  Then it does not matter if there is the PC has files extension showing or not?

Is there a better way to avoid this confusion ?  Yes, I could upload/copy to a sever/LMS etc....sometimes these people are sitting a few metres away...can't I just give them the files/USB and trust that the instruction will make sense and it should run 90% of the time?  Input welcome.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Garry,

Yes, if they have to run it locally publishing for web could cause other issues such as encountering security or browser restrictions as detailed here so it may not be a perfect set up for what you need/have but I'd think publishing for CD would be a better experience based on the security restrictions. 

I can't recommend changing the file names or removing any of the files, but if it works and users are able to access it normally without issues, then go right ahead. :) 

Michael O.

Hopefully in the future version of Storyline the exported files uses the industry standard of index.htm rather than the branded name of story.htm. 

Sometimes there is not an option/ability to upload a project to a web server for stakeholder reviews.

When I need to share projects with project stakeholders using USB, I rename the story.html to something that really stands out "~~ClickMe.htm"  That way there is no ambiguity about what they should be opening. I have not had a technical problems with the file name change.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Nishant,

Are you asking what settings were used within the software if this is the output received?

My best guess would be Publish to Web with HTML5 and AMP selected as well. Where is the content hosted? That may shed more light on the topic. 

Do you not have access to the .story file? You should be able to take a peek at the publish settings within the file. They typically hold to the last setting.

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