Published files discrepancy

Hello all,
My published files don't look like the source files.  The background color changes and adds a gradient.  I'm using an imported Powerpoint theme in Storyline 2 with the latest update installed. I've done this before without a problem.

Please see the attached images.  Any advice would be appreciated.


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Crystal Horn

Hey Keith.  Do you have any transparency settings, perhaps in that box (it looks like a text box) or on your slide background format?  You can right click on a space in the slide (no object) and format the slide background fill.  Also, if you go into your Player properties > Colors & Effects > Advanced color editing, you can set the transparency of your slide background.


The transparency settings can sometimes cause the background to appear differently in the published output.  Can you confirm what those settings are?

Keith Rambert

Hello Crystal,

Thanks for the speedy reply!  The player COlor & Effects settings looks like yours.
The Format Background has perplexed me for a while.  The color in the dialog box doesn't match what I see.  Transparency was set at 85% (default?) taking it to 100% turns it all white, taking it ti 0% turns it red orange. Even when I use the dropper in both dialog boxes it doesn't change.