Published package slow on desktop and tablet (SL2)

When I try to go through my module created in Storyline 2, it is very slow to open. The next-buttons don't respond well. The module is already published to our customers and they're complaining that it doesn't work (which it does, you just have to wait a long long time before you see the next screen). It's causing people to quit the module immediately. It's functioning painstakingly slow on both on a desktop and iPad air tablet.

I use Storyline 2 with the latest updates, publish to LMS with html5 option, without the iPad checkbox options. The zippackage is around 30 MB; not that large, I'd say.

Is there a way to make it function faster?

You can view the published file it here:

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Emily Ruby

Hello Sara,

How do you have the navigation set up in the file? If you have it set to Restricted, the next button will not function until the timeline ends. You can either shorten the timelines, set the restriction to free, or use custom Next buttons to make the navigation move before the timeline ends.

Sara Swier

Dear Emily,

That works, great! I had it set on Restricted. But I had all the objects on the timeline ran until 5 seconds - don't ask why, I don't know. It's not necessary, the module has no objects which are set to appear on a certain time.

I have solved it by dragging all objects on the timeline to the very beginning (0,25 seconds, see the attached screenshot). That indeed makes it run much faster. Thanks!

Do you know if there is a way to show the objects on the timeline until 'infinity' and still have the module run fast and smooth? The above solution has the downside that I can't read the object's name any more.