Published storyline content doesn't work in Explorer 11?

On the support site a solution to my problem would be to update storyline to update 4. I have the latest version according to my Storyline system. But when I publish content and want to view it locally via .story or .story_html5 both won't play in Internet Explorer. It is very important for my project that it works in Internet Explorer. What am I doing wrong?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Kaj and welcome to Heroes!

I also use IE11 regularly to test my published output - and as Michael mentioned you'll want to ensure you're loaded it into a web server or LMS to test it as testing it locally could cause security or browser issues as detailed here.

Additionally, I have heard of a few IE11 users who had to update their flash player as well - and it didn't occur automatically.

Kaj Dekkers

Thank you for your reply! At the end the content is loaded onto a server. The end-users all get new laptops, so all computers are the same and have the latest software installed by the IT department. The training will pop up automatically when the computer is started for the first time.

To test the training, I publish it locally. My own computers didn't give any problems. No problems with IE, none with Firefox, none with Chrome and none with Safari. The only strange thing is that in one case you have to use the .story and in the other case you have to use the .story_html5 (which has a delay).

When I was testing this locally on a few new laptops it didn't work at all with IE... The training starts, but none of the external links seemed to work. Also no message was shown by IE. I found out that it is probably a security issue with the ActiveX elements or something. However I'm not 100% sure.

You where right. If you run it of the server it seems to work without a problem. The first group is testing in the upcoming week, so I'll be keeping you updated.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks Kaj for the update - and it's also worth noting that IE and Firefox are not supported browsers for viewing the HTML5 content as mentioned in the system requirements here. This is due to the individual browsers ability to handle HTML5 content, so you'll want to point to the story.html link, and if for some reason the user does not have flash and you've published for HTML5 they'll be shown that version as described here.

Please feel free to keep us posted in regards to your testing.