published storyline project screen capped vid doesn't play saved as a video

Started a new project using step by step video screen caps. Added in call-outs and highlights, and edited video start and end points across all slides.

In preview the video works, but after the project is published the video doesn't play, though my callouts and highlights will appear over a static slide.

What's frustrating is I am using the same settings from a previous project a few weeks ago and that project worked after being published as an mp4.

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Katie Riggio

Welcome to the community, Shane!

Yikes, that does sound frustrating; I'm happy to help investigate with you! A few questions to get the basics out of the way:

  • Could you attach a screenshot of the settings you selected in the Video tab when publishing the course to video?
  • If you don't mind sharing a copy of the troublesome .story file with us, we'll try to replicate the behavior and let you know what we find. Need to share it privately? No sweat, here's how!

We'll figure this out together!