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Ronny Salmeron

Yes, i'm testing in our LMS and i have the latest update of Storyline 1. 

Here"s what I have done so far: 

Publish to web (w/o checking "when returning in LMS, ignore Flash cookie" 

hosting files in S3 amazon server

created the course in the LMS with the story.html link attached

Launch within the LMS and also in a new window

The course does not display in EI11 though it does in EI9 but it does not bookmark

It's behaving well and bookmarking in Chrome and FireFox

See attached for a visual of the spinning wheel that never opens the published courss. 

Dean Wasche

Hi Emily,

Here is my .story file but just to clarify - I have no issue with the .story file playing via the LMS in IE11 (when published for LMS). It is only when I publish this same file for the web and try and play through a link on a website that the issue occurs in IE11. Here's the link to the website:


I'm not doing the website bit as I have very limited knowledge of building websites - I am simply providing the files.

Thanks for your help :)

Emily Ruby

Hello Dean,

I published your course and I was able to load into Articulate Tempshare and view on IE 11 with no issues. Can you test this output here? Are you testing the file locally before you load it onto your webserver?

You may want to check the security settings of your IE and make sure there is nothing set to block the webserver you are using. Also, you may want to check with them to see if they have any setting that may interfere with IE. 

Dean Wasche

Hi Emily,

Thanks for this - it works fine. I had tested in locally but we only have IE9 at work. I therefore tested it in IE9 and Chrome but not in any later editions of IE. I am however now using my home computer.

It's a relief that your output works in IE11. Am I right to assume that it must therefore be the settings that they are employing on their webserver as numerous people have reported this issue with the demo site using IE11? If so, where would you advise me to tell them to start looking?

Emily Ruby

Hello Dean,

It could be settings within the webserver itself, or the security setting in the IE browser. you may want to have their IT team look into the settings, and also check the settings on the computers that users are reporting issues. Are they in a work environment, or are they working from home computers?