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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Julie,

Are you publishing to the same file path/location each time? Can you confirm that you're publishing to a local drive?

Also, where are you loading up the published files? Could there be a cached version that you're accessing? You may want to look into clearing the browser history and cache and see how it behaves.

Scott Petrovic

I frequently have this problem and it is rather frustrating. It has nothing to do with the browser cache. It has to do with the "application cache" that is internal to Articulate - specifically how Articulate handles PPTA files. 

The issue is that Articulate stores a copy of your interaction and quiz files inside of your PPTA file. If you go back later and make changes to your interaction or quiz files, Articulate doesn't load the new versions when you publish. 

The only way I have gotten it to "force" refresh this application cache is the following:

1. Open each interaction or quiz file that you have changed,

2. add a spacebar so it think the file has changed

3. Save the interaction/quiz file

4. Go back to Articulate and "Preview" the slide. 

This will cause Articulate to look at the original file. If it sees that the timestamp is newer than the cached version in the PPTA, it will load in the 'updated' version. 

The biggest issue with this is that Articulate will not 'remember' the fact that it loaded a newer file. When you close Articulate and open it again, it will still have the old interaction and quiz files. Publishing will give you old versions of your files. You are forced to update/preview again to temporarily update the files.

The best solution (I think) would the following (developers would code this)

1. When pressing the publish button, check the timestamp of each interaction between the cached and the original. 

2. If the original is newer, use that  instead of the cached version (PPTA)

I don't know of any other way to clear all of the PPTA  files without destroying the whole Articulate project.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Scott,

Presenter handles things a bit differently than Storyline, and you may want to begin by reviewing the article here on why it may not be updated at publish.  In regards to your Quizmaker or Engage files, when you preview or publish your course, Presenter compares the timestamps of the original quiz/interaction file and the copy in your course's *.ppta file. If the original file is newer, the cached copy gets updated to reflect the changes. If the original file is missing, Presenter uses the cached copy instead. You can see a further description of how this works here.