Jun 23, 2014

I am working on a project that has 128 slides. When I go to publish (CD format), it shows the generated slides publishing but when it reaches about slide 78, it just stops. I tried to publish to LMS but the same thing happens. No error messages or anything appears. The output folder only shows story_content and a Temp folder.

I am working locally and have been working on other projects with no probs publishing.

Please help!

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jacqui and welcome to Heroes!

I'm sorry to hear about this odd behavior with your publishing - in addition to publishing and working on files locally you'll also want to confirm that:

  • the directory path to your project files andyour published output is less than 260 characters (for example C:\Articulate).
  • Avoid using special characters, accents orsymbols in your file names.

If after checking into those elements the behavior persists, I would next look at slide number 78 to determine if there is anything specific on that slide which could be causing the problem. I would try removing it and publishing again to see if it advances beyond there. If so, you may need to rebuild that slide or try importing it into a new project to resolve any lingering issues. 

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