Publishing e-course on my website with use feed back..?

Oct 17, 2012

Good evening everyone..

I wanted to ask about storyline,,

1. I have my website, I uploaded my course in the website via ftp and it worked also I managed to use the course on my ipad. How can I set a user name and a password for each student using storyline software so that each student score would show to him only?

2. Is it possible for me to add my email in the e-course so that each score I can receive it after a student presses on submit button?

3. If the option of adding the user names and passwords through the software is impossible, Can I add a slide at the beginning of the course where the student can fill in some blanks that verifies his name, class number and serial number that I will give him? and by the end of filling that form that it would be sent to my email too with the answers' results to my email???

I hope that I didn't complicate you with my questions.

Sincerely thankful

Mrs. Dana H. Al-Kanaan

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