Publishing Error to Review 360 - Please check your internet connection and try again

Apr 05, 2019

Hi All,

I started developing a course using the trial version of Storyline, obtained full license and continued to finish the course.  When publishing for review, I receive an error message (noted in the title). 

After some troubleshooting, I realize that my course only publishes when I remove the slides that were created when using the trial version.  I don't want to have to re-create an entire scene - is there anyway around this?

Of course I've tried copying and pasting it over to a new file, but encountered the same error message.  Looking forward to your expertise.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Maya,

The trial is a full version of Articulate 360 (minus some Content Library features) so it should work to allow you to publish anything created in the trial or using your subscription to Review 360. 

You mentioned copying/pasting - have you tried importing everything into a new file, and confirming that file is saved locally? 

Katie Riggio

Thanks for the additional context, Maya!

Good thought. It depends on what your machine and OS can handle, but you shouldn't have any upload issues to Review 360 with a file of that size. 

After you upload your file, be sure to share the case number in this discussion so we can follow along to share any additional insight here. We'll figure this oddity out together!

Katie Riggio

Oh no, Maya! Sorry you're still at this roadblock.

Have no fear, as I opened a support case on your behalf so our team can work with you one-on-one to figure out what may be going on. Look out for a follow-up email from soon!

In the meantime, what happens if you try to upload the file via this unique upload link from your case? If the file is still too large to attach, another approach is to host it on Google Drive or another storage solution available to you. 

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