Publishing errors with Storyline360

Feb 15, 2018

When I publish a Storyline360 project I notice that some of the files/folders within the output folder may have errors as indicated by a red 'x' on the folder. When I open the folders, containing a red 'x', I notice that some of the contents are also x-ed out. Sometimes I can republish and the issue seems to correct itself; however, like today, I have republished the same project multiple times and each time something else will be x'ed out. As a test, I asked another designer on my team to publish the same projects and they were able to do so without any issues. I am running the most current version of 360.

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, David.  Let me see if I can help here!

  • To which format are you publishing (LMS, Web, Articulate 360)?
  • Where does your published output get saved?  You can see in the publishing window the file directory that will contain your files after publishing completes:

    *You'll want to be sure to publish directly to your C: drive rather than a shared or network drive.
  • Do you have any anti-virus software enabled that might view these files as suspicious?  I wouldn't at this point recommend disabling software that keeps your computer safe, but I'm curious if another program is having an impact on those files.
  • Finally, does the published output play as you would expect when you upload it to its final environment?  If you published for LMS and uploaded it there, does it still function despite the red-x files?

Thanks for working through it with me!

David Roth

Hi Crystal,
I publish to a project folder within my documents folder on my computer. I
keep my SL360 files local on my computer and do not pull them off of an
external storage drive.

When I publish I publish for LMS. I have been running into an issue where
my published project will get rejected by the LMS with an error indicating
that my manifest is missing, but it actually is not missing.

I do have virus protection; however, the other members of my team have the
same setup but not the same issues. I did not have this same issue with
SL2. This is new to SL360 and I have had it for just a couple months.

Thank you,
David Roth

*David Roth*

*Instructional Designer* *Workiva Inc.*

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Scottsdale, AZ, 85257

Leslie McKerchie

Hi David,

Thanks for the additional details.

When you get the notification that the manifest is missing, is this with using the Zip content button from the Publish Successful dialog box or are you manually zipping the contents?

It sounds like this is happening across files and unique to you, so I'd recommend a repair of your Storyline 360 software to see if this alleviates the issue for you.

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