Storage space

Can anyone help.

I have storyline 1 on my laptop. I've run out of space on my C-drive. I now save all my work onto an external hard drive and I've emptied my folders and the recycle bin.

My C-Drive is stilling showing as full. I've looked and I have lots of folders with random code as the folder title. inside the folder there are only a couple of files that I can't look at as I don't have the software. One of the files inside the folderis a .exe.

My question is does articulate spit out random folders as temp folders when you publish and can I now delete these temp folders.

I also have Camtasia on the laptop.



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Emily Ruby

Hello Carl, and welcome to Heroes!

When you publish files from Storyline, the folder on your C drive will be named with "Storyline output" on the end, or just "output". All the files needed for publishing will be in there. Then you will also need the original .story file as well.

You may want to check the exe files to make sure they are not something you need.