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Jul 21, 2012


I'm in the process of setting up a new machine and partitioning the drives to have C: for OS, D: for data and E: for temp (video temp files encoding etc) so that system files are kept separate to data, and temp files are written to the temp 'scratch disk'.

About to install storyline and have not been able to find any info on install options, but basically wondering if it is possible to set the project folders to be installed on a drive other than C as I do not want to have Articulate project folders automatically installed in Documents / Articulate projects etc. as with Studio products.


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Adrian Dean

Hi Karl,

You can create your own folders wherever you want them to be and then point Storyline to those folders when you save your projects.

Storyline does not ask you where you want the project folders to be created when installing itself.

Not what you wanted to hear, but then again I feel like I am not pointing out anything you didn't already know either.

Always Happy to Help,


Karl Gunter

Thanks Adrian.

"Storyline does not ask you where you want the project folders to be created when installing itself."

Yeah - thought that might be the case; just hoping otherwise. Just find it slightly aggravating if applications keep trying to default save where you don't want them to... oh well - no biggy.

Don't s'pose you know if there is any searchable/downloadable documentation?

Came across this: but haven't had a chance to look into it yet.

Tutorials are all very well, but it's nice to browse through structured docs as well.



Adrian Dean

Hi Karl,

You're welcome. The best I can do for you is their knowledge base articles. It doesn't cover everything, but there is a lot there. I basically just immerse myself into these forums helping other people and at the same time learning as I go along. There are a lot of examples and such posted here.

The book you found would be a great resource. Phil and Steve are on these forums a lot and their help and information is always top quality.

That being said, I would just play with Storyline, interact here on these forums, and just help others with their problems. In a month or two, you'll find that you know your way around pretty well. You won't be an expert, but even for the experts, there is always something new to learn.

If you want a good way to search these forums, check this thread out.

Always Happy to Help,


Karl Gunter an example:

Go to and enter search term:

add video

...the attachment shows the result - I've done a lot of documentation and help stuff - for a search in the knowledge base not to pull up a result or direct you to 'something' with such a basic search is a little on the thin side in my opinion.

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