Publishing for LMS SCORM 1.2 issues

We need to have some help on the LMS publishing and the SCORM 1.2 that we are using for our courses. If

Although we have had the program since October, we are just now loading them into our LMS (BVS Systems). They work with other Articulate customers and suggested that I contact you as they don’t have our answers.

This is a list of the immediate issues that we need assistance with:

1. Number of opportunities to pass the test: We set the test to only allow 3 opportunities to pass We do see that the RETRY QUIZ button is disabled however, the student can simply re-open the course and take the test. How can we set it up so that the training department would have to reset the 3 opportunities to retake the test.

2. How does SCORM record the scores EACH time they took the test? We are only seeing the one when they pass the course

3. Would someone walk us through the publish screen for LMS – we are fine with all the other options. We must be missing something.

4. When we load to the LMS, is it possible to see how long the student was in the course –for example, Articulate currently lists how many screens were viewed, but did the student just click through them or did they actually view the text? How much time did they spend on each screen. Our LMS has displays the time spent in the course prior to the test for our other programs…can Articulate do the same?

please if anyone knows how to do this properly, we need your help!

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Joan,

Some of these things should be controlled by your LMS - as Storyline is responsible for sending the data, but it's up to the LMS to track and report it to you as the administrator and your users. You may want to begin by reviewing this troubleshooting article about working with tracking and reporting in the LMS.

As for your specific questions, here are some things to look into.

1. Each quiz question has the ability to set a number of attempts - and that would allow the user to answer incorrectly and then immediately try again, for a predetermined number of times or unlimited. You could also set up the entire quiz itself to be set to a number of attempts as described here.

2. Storyline will send the completion information once the user reaches the point at which you've decided to report completion. Depending again on the LMS, the score may not update after that first time as a lot of LMS's consider the course to be in review mode.

3. I'm not sure what information you're looking for in regards to the publish screen, but there is a tutorial here on how to publish for LMS that describes the various areas.

4. Storyline doesn't track overall time in the course or on each slide, that will be dependent on the LMS.

Hope that helps get you started and let us know if you need anything else!