Publishing Help

Hello all,

I am a brand new user of Storyline and Articulate in general.  When publishing, I've run into an issue/concern.  My previous go to for development was Captivate which had the feature to publish a project as a .pdf.  I know that Articulate products do not offer this feature, but what is the workaround?

Ultimately my projects are loaded into an LMS; however, I am required to send my projects to SMEs and Management for approval prior to loading into the LMS.  Publishing as a .pdf has worked perfectly in the past, but I would like to know what users in the same boat as I are doing when working with Storyline?

I've played around with the publish to Web functions and haven't had much luck.  The project will open on my computer, but not others.  I know .swf files only support Flash Player 10 or greater and the audience I am sending to has the most updated version of flash.

Any insight?



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