Publishing Questions From Illuminate Template

Sep 02, 2021


I have used the Illuminate template to create a new project where time was of the essence so managed to complete this super quick. 

I added a single question slide to the end of each scene - No problem. 

I also created about 10 questions in a separate scene a mixture of Multi Choice, Drag and drop and a slide I created for Multi Select which we needed for the project. 

There is no problem viewing the slides in the software using the previewer so all appeared well. I published it and sent the review link to the client. 

It would appear that when published the questions are unclickable i.e. cannot select anything except the first question in the scene. 

I have created a brand new project inserted all fresh slides from the Content Library and enclose the attached project. 

If you publish this you will see the problem. 

Can anyone help?

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Lauren Connelly

Hello David!

Thanks for sharing your project with us! I've opened the project in Storyline 360 (Build 3.55.25954.0) and found a trigger on all slides to submit the Results Slide. This is actually what is getting in the way. I've disabled this trigger and published the course for Review 360. All of the questions are ready to be answered now!

I've recorded a brief 1-minute demo of my test and included the updated .story file attached to this reply. Let me know if you have additional questions.