Free Job Aid: Publishing results to a Google Spreadsheet

Hi! I've been working on a project that requires me to be able to capture course results in a google spreadsheet. I've found great help in the community here, but NOT being a programmer, I still struggled to get it to work. Fortunately, I'm engaged to a software engineer who figured out the process and made me a very helpful job aid, which I'm attaching here because I think it might be helpful to others.

This process uses java script and is similar to the process discussed here.

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Lisa -- Thanks so much for sharing your contribution, and you may actually want to alter the title of your post to include "Freebie" or "Free Job Aid" so that others are clear that you don't have a question, but rather would just like to offer assistance! 

I also wanted to note here for others who may not be aware that while we are not able to provide support for use of JavaScript, there are many in the community who are skilled in this area and are usually more than happy to help. And for those who'd like to check it out, here is our JS Best Practices sheet. :)