Publishing Storyline 2.0 for the iPad doesn't work - errors, errors, errors!

Aug 14, 2015

Mobile version works great, but when we try to view on iPad, we get the message "unable to connect to server".

This is when I published using the settings:

  1. LMS, Include HTML5 output, Use Articulate Mobile Player for iOs or Android, Allow downloading., LMS: Tin Can API.
  2. So, I tried LMS, Include HTML5 output and LMS TinCan API (without the Mobile player option ticked). When I upload to Litmos, I receive the message: Failed Tin Can manifest file error: Please use the unique activity id on Tincan manifest file(tincan.xml)

(I tried renaming it and that didn't work.) Note that our Litmos IS password protected. We must all log in to it.

I am not a programmer type, so if anyone can help me in plain English, I would be most grateful.

In summary: we want to publish STORYLINE 2.0 TO LITMOS and view on iPAD Model MC770X/A version 8.4

Thank you, Articulate community!!

image attached.

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fabio fonseca

Hi Andrews, thanks a lot for reply.  There it goes

1- YES it is, since I always log in to the LMS server first to access the courses.

2 - Not a firewall issue. I got an answer from the Litmos support yesterday, confirming they don't support AMP. See below the email content :

      "Articulate Mobile Player doesn't work well with Litmos, because Articulate tries to force the user to use the Articulate app. Since it tries to push users to load the module in a different app, Litmos recognizes this and prevents the file from being shown. Additionally, modules can't be loaded outside of Litmos because we need to track the start/end times for the SCORM file and we also need to make sure the score is reported back correctly. "

     This comes to a question : is there any LMS that supports AMP and prevents user simultaneous access control?


3 - The course works outside AMP, on all browsers (Safari, Chrome, Firefox), when I publish them without the option to use AMP. Obviously it works faster on AMP.

4 - it works on scormcloud. Both for browsers and AMP.

5 - Din't try this, but Im considering Litmos  don't like loading files outside Litmos, as their support team said.


   I've been testing these days. They claim to disallow users to do simultaneous access, but somehow AMP bypasses this check.

Andrew Downes

From the info you've given me, even though you didn't try #5 it does sound like it could be that Litmos doesn't support the private content launch mechanism I linked to in my previous reply. I don't have any information on which LMSs do or don't support that mechanism. 

Do you have a need for your content to be private? If not, i suggest trying hosting the content on a public server and pointing the tincan.xml at it as described in my last response. Note that the location of the content is irrelevant for the tracking if you're using Tin Can. SCORM is a completely different specification and not relevant here. 

fabio fonseca


My need is to prevent users to access content without paying for it. I'm not sure if being private is the solution.  Will it prevent a user to access the content simultaneously from multiple devices?

I would like to have this access control togheter with AMP, since it will bring the best experience for the user.

Andrew Downes


I don't think that method would prevent one user accessing content on multiple devices at the same time. The user could take the launch url and then use it across multiple devices. To be honest, I can't think of any way to launch the content from a browser, play it through a mobile app and restrict it to one device. That's getting to the edge of my areas of expertise though. 

Its sounding like what you want to achieve isn't going to be achievable with the Litmos/AMP combination.

The only thing I can think of is using the tracking data to determine when the same user's account is being used simultaneously multiple times. 


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