publishing Storyline 2 as a website?

Mar 02, 2015

Hi there im new to Storyline 2, and have created some work that i would like to upload as a website, am i able to do this?


ive tried publishing it as html but when i view it on the domain name that i created it opens it in folders instead of just opening the content, please help .

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Nicola Appel

Hi Andre,

congratulations to your first Storyline 2 project! :)

When you upload your course to your server make sure to upload all the files and folders that are published by Storyline. Then you link to story.html which should open as a webpage.

FTP stands for file transfer protocol and is just another way to upload content to a server.

Andre van der Merwe

sorry, so I created a domain which the content will be uploaded to, but when I upload it and want to search for it on the web via, it doesn't open the content directly it first displays the Story_html folder and once I click on it only then does it display my work. I would like to not have to click Story_html I want it to open directly.


Sorry for this

Nicola Appel

Ah, I think I now understand. When you go to, your browser looks for an index.html page - that's usually the default page to display a website. Try renaming the story.html file to index.html and see if it displays right away.

Another option would be redirecting your index.html page to the story.html page but I think the first option is easier...

Alex Stanton

Morning Andre,


   Make sure your uploading the whole folder uncompressed i.e. not zipped,

 then on server check the permissions  of the file  Read access only i would think if you want to research a bit about the permissions in FTP look up CHMOD,  there are numbers that assign permissons i.e 666 gives all user read and write permissions (which i dont think you want)

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