Publishing to a local drive instead of a network

Jul 11, 2014

I read that you should always publish to a local drive rather than a network? Why is this? What will happen you publish to a network?


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Greg Faust

I haven't tried publishing to a network; I like to review a published project before uploading it, anyway.

It wouldn't surprise me if bad things were to happen, though, as Storyline has other problems with doing things on a network. Loading and editing Storyline files directly from a network drive is frowned upon because there's a known issue with content disappearing. My own experience with it is that I'll save, only to discover that the .story file size has shrunk dramatically, and when I next load the file, none of the audio or pictures will load.

Alexander Salas

It's mainly about permissions (SL treats you as Admin but, the network destination most likely does not) and it's also about the resources needed to publish which  they all sit in your hosting PC.  Best practice would be to ZIP the output, transfer it and extract it at the new location.  I do it in SharePoint libraries and never have issues.

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